“Here’s looking at you, kid”

me too


There’s no other film in the world that I have re-watched more times than the classic “Casablanca”, even though there’s not that much of a romantic in me. I tend to watch it during sleepless nights, when I’m under a lot of stress, or simply – when I need to relax. “Casablanca” is a masterpiece and today we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the film premiere. Can you imagine that this film was no supposed to be a blockbuster at all? It was just one of dozens of movies that Hollywood used to make each year, a propaganda film to make Americans support US’s involvment in World War II. But now we can’t imagine our world without “Casablanca” and the famous quotes that everyone knows, even those who haven’t seen the movie. Let’s remember some of them:










 via http://bloodybrilliantmoviecaps.tumblr.com/

So let’s watch it tonight once again 🙂

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retired from teacher in philosophy, i try harder to keep up which is not always easy. I love various sites very interesting at WP and hope to find others. I will sart with two set of notes for preparation of works on memory and on the body. The more interaction, the better

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