Woolf sightings: Fifty stuck in the pipeline

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Blogging Woolf

From late December until now, the number of Woolf sightings I have received through a standard Google alert have dwindled to nearly nothing. One might think that Woolf’s popularity has dwindled. That is not the case.

The problem seems to be that something has changed on the Google end of things, and the Woolf sightings I used to receive daily without effort must now be retrieved by initiating a specific search.

Search I did, and here are the 50 Woolf sightings I found stuck in the Google pipeline one recent afternoon. They include references to Woolf and Beyoncé (10), Woolf and gardens (26), Woolf and the Oscars (41), and Woolf and fashion (44).

  1. Bristol Women’s Literature Festival: Interview with Sian NorrisGuide2Bristol, March 5, 2013
    … many wonderful books, but one of my favourite women writers…one of my favourite writers of all time…is VirginiaDaphne du maurier and her sisters Woolf, I absolutely love her.
  2. Casey Legler &…

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