Confusion is a chicken…


method two madness


year of the rooster

tenth circle begins
chaos returned as crowing
drama and dissent

contain the fire, avoiding
eye contact with the Dark Side

The disruption of the Year of the Monkey gives way to more intensity….the cockiness of the Year of the Rooster.  Most of the predictions I read online for 2017 were not too positive.  They recommended keeping your head down, staying organized, and working hard.

And OK, that’s not really a rooster, it’s my interpretation of a basilisk.  They do have the head of a cock, though, and wings on their serpent body.

Of course you know to have a mirror handy in case you run into one, so they can admire themselves to death.  Or perhaps a pet weasel–the only creature immune to the basilisk’s deadly stare.

And the title?
“Confusion is a chicken with shattered eyes.”
–Thai proverb

That’s January 2017 in a nutshell.

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retired from teacher in philosophy, i try harder to keep up which is not always easy. I love various sites very interesting at WP and hope to find others. I will sart with two set of notes for preparation of works on memory and on the body. The more interaction, the better

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