Wonderstruck: Todd Haynes Returns to NYFF With Cannes Oscar Contender | IndieWire

Source: Wonderstruck: Todd Haynes Returns to NYFF With Cannes Oscar Contender | IndieWire

The Cannes premiere is set for a Centerpiece berth at the fall festival, marking Haynes’ fourth bow at NYFF.

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Jul 6, 2017 12:00 pm

Millicent Simonds Wonderstruck

The New York Film Festival, which often imports Cannes titles for its well-curated October celebration of international cinema, has revealed that New York auteur Todd Haynes’ Cannes hit “Wonderstruck” will be the October 7 Centerpiece gala of the 55th edition (September 28 – October 15). This is no surprise, as the Amazon Studios/Roadside Attractions release is scheduled for a NYFF launch-friendly October 20 release.

As soon as the Competition title debuted early on the Riviera, the movie was deemed a likely Oscar contender. That’s because “Wonderstruck” is the perfect match of rich source material and cinema. Author Brian Selznick (“Hugo”) was inspired to adapt his own graphic novel intertwining two stories from 1927 and 1977 when costume designer Sandy Powell pulled it off a shelf and said, “This should be a Todd Haynes movie.”

Selznick, following the recent model of “Room” author Emma Donoghue, secretly adapted his own script on spec, with a little advice from “Hugo” screenwriter John Logan, which doesn’t hurt. By the time the detailed screenplay, complete with sound notes, got to Haynes, the director found its cinematic riches irresistible. He artfully weaves a propulsive mystery, throwing the audience clues in both the black and white silent and the ‘70s color narratives that eventually tie all the threads together as two deaf children (Oakes Fegley and Millicent Simmonds) make their way to New York’s Museum of Natural History. Haynes regular Julianne Moore plays a dual role.

“Todd Haynes and Brian Selznick have pulled off something truly remarkable here,” New York Film Festival Director and Selection Committee Chair Kent Jones said, “a powerful evocation of childhood, with all of its mysteries and terrors and flights of imagination and longings; richly textured re-creations of Manhattan in the ’20s and the ’70s; and a magical and intricately plotted quest story that builds to a beautiful climax. Wonderstruck is fun, emotionally potent, and… it’s a great New York movie.”

The New York Film Festival has thrice showcased Haynes’s work: “Velvet Goldmine” (1998), “I’m Not There” (2007), and, most recently, “Carol” (2015).


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