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There is dismay and confusion within the Obama administration over its proposed “regime change” in Syria. It is not going according to plan. President Assad is still in power after five years of intense combat. His military is still loyal to him as are his people and Assad’s allies, Russia, Iran, China and Hezbollah stand steadfastly behind him. The Obama administration is particularly angry because Syrian and Russian militaries are attacking the jihadists lodged in eastern Aleppo, the same jihadists who are associated with al-Qaeda and ISIS and/or similar Islamic fundamentalist armed groups.  

But shouldn’t the US be glad that the Syrian military and the Russians are attacking the jihadists?

It turns out that Washington has no interest in defeating the jihadists in Syria. In fact, this administration is just fine with the jihadists as long as they help them move the ball closer to their goal. The objective…

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retired from teacher in philosophy, i try harder to keep up which is not always easy. I love various sites very interesting at WP and hope to find others. I will sart with two set of notes for preparation of works on memory and on the body. The more interaction, the better

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