Film Title



Charles Vidor


  • Rita Hayworth as Gilda
  • Glenn Ford as Johnny Farrell
  • George Macready as Ballin Mundson

A seductive film noir that boasts a star-making, iconic turn from Rita Hayworth, Gilda is a dark movie to be treasured for how it spins a pretty sinister story into something classic and watchable.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, newly arrived thug Johnny Farrell is going about his cheating ways of getting money through trickery and underhand tactics. After being accosted and almost killed by a disgruntled crabs player, Johnny is saved by the elegant Ballin Mundson. This strange man warns Johnny that he must up his game if he wants to make a living. Johnny eventually finds his way to a casino where he continues his dirty tricks. He is caught and put before the owner, who turns out to be Mundson himself. Johnny being something of a con…

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retired from teacher in philosophy, i try harder to keep up which is not always easy. I love various sites very interesting at WP and hope to find others. I will sart with two set of notes for preparation of works on memory and on the body. The more interaction, the better

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