Catherine M. Soussloff, Foucault on Painting – forthcoming in November 2017 with University of Minnesota Press

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Progressive Geographies

imageCatherine M. Soussloff, Foucault on Painting– forthcoming in November 2017 with University of Minnesota Press.

A timely exploration of Foucault’s art historical and philosophical engagement with painting as knowledge

Catherine M. Soussloff argues that Michel Foucault’s sustained engagement with European art history critically addresses present concerns about the mediated nature of the image in the digital age. She explores the meaning of painting for Foucault’s philosophy, and for contemporary art theory, proposing a new relevance for a Foucauldian view of ethics and the pleasures and predicaments of contemporary existence.

Catherine Soussloff is certainly one of the most intellectually intelligent and reflective art historians I can think of. Foucault on Painting is a clear, deeply thoughtful, and perfectly written contribution to the important field of intersect between art and philosophy.

—James Rubin, Stony Brook University

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Finalmente, alguém coloca o debate onde devia estar

Blog di Alberto Micalizzi

Chiunque abbia a cuore la sovranità dei popoli non può che provare empatia per qualsiasi causa di autodeterminazione, soprattutto se conclamata dalle immagini di una popolazione che lotta per le strade per respingere la polizia inviata ad impedire la celebrazione di una consultazione popolare.

Tuttavia, la partita in atto contro le élite finanziarie è complessa e richiede pragmatismo e strategia. Proviamo a porci questa domanda: supponiamo che oggi la Catalogna si stacchi dalla Spagna, e che questo inneschi altre spinte centrifughe riguardanti i baschi, i corsi, i bretoni, i fiamminghi, l’Alto Adige etc… staremmo per questo realizzando l’Europa dei popoli liberi? L’Europa della piccole patrie?L’Europa delle identità? Oggi, nel contesto nel quale siamo, non ne sono affatto sicuro.

Non ho un’opinione compiuta sui fatti catalani, e plaudirei senza esitazione alla volontà indipendentista catalana se fossi sicuro che il neo-Stato avesse un piano di emancipazione dalle élite finanziarie alle…

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October 2017: Tidings

method two madness

tidings oct 17 s

quiet shapes hover,
silent shadows cast by youth–
spirits in mirrors

befriend the stage unfolding–
fill the mind’s eye with delight

October’s grid is composed of cut up pieces of two different monoprints.  The tanka uses words from Colleen’s Poetry Challenge and the Secret Keeper–both were thinking of spirits (appropriate to the month of October).

I’ve been considering the accumulations of autumns in a life.

tidings close up s

My particular thoughts for this unfolding day are for those all over the world struggling to cope with daily survival in the wake of disasters both natural and man-made.  May we learn to respond with open hearts and hands.

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method two madness

cave window s

The end appears, a double crossing tide
in empty light that does not shine but burn
as rain like needles pierces deep inside

Along the bleeding walls no place to hide
from chanted words the mind must now unlearn
the end appears, a double crossing tide

Eyes close and claim the tears that might have cried
all motion paralyzed against return
as rain like needles pierces deep inside

no voices call, no soul appears as guide
emotion gathers tight, afraid to yearn
the end appears, a double-crossing tide

a barren river, unrelenting, wide,
unnavigable, cursed through aft and stern
as rain like needles pierces deep inside

the past decays, erased, annulled, denied
impossible to conjure or discern
the end appears, a double crossing tide
as rain like needles pierces deep inside

I did this awhile ago (last spring) for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I was reminded of it because…

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Another fantastic combinaion

method two madness

edges sedges 4 magneticedges 2s

But how long is deep?
soon will always become when–
stone wind and rain light.

The earth follows, listening–
root and seed walking on air.

edges 3s

Suzanne at “On the Road” asked us to think about the concept of Wabi Sabi.  She quotes Andrew Juniper: ” Wabi-sabi is an intuitive appreciation of a transient beauty in the physical world that reflects the irreversible flow of life in the spiritual world.”, noting how important this idea is to writing haiku.

edges 4s

The art came from some work I was doing on wet rice paper that bled through;  I had put it on a piece of watercolor paper to keep it from tearing.  After it dried and I lifted it off, I found that the impression underneath made an interesting shape, and I added a bit more paint on top to intensify the color.

blur edges close up s

And then I went to see what the Oracle had to say about it…

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Racism and Recovery

The Scarlet Pumpernickel

Time-Magazine-Colin-Kaepernick-640x480Racism and Recovery
by Carl Josehart

“Justice is indivisible. You can’t decide who gets civil rights and who doesn’t.” -Angela Davis

It’s been over 150 years since the passage of the 13th Amendment officially putting an end to slavery in the United States but as recent events have shown us discrimination persists. Ending racial discrimination is not a simple process and I would suggest that it starts within each one of us. We cannot be effective agents of change until we have examined our hearts and begun our own journey. “Cure” may not be possible but recovery is; and recovery is a process. I can’t control what others do but I can start with me.

The process of recovery is not easy, it is always intentional (not accidental) and it is a lifelong commitment to living a healthy, more informed life. Just like our friends recovering from addiction have…

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