Be healthy

I am interested in people’s perceptions of health and what is a healthy body. I would like to explore where people get these norms, what importance they give to this notion, what they are willing to do to meet the prescribed requirements. We are assuming that health and healthy body entail certain norms – biological, aesthetic and moral norms that mayor may not have a relation to their lives as lived. I am assuming that the norms are socially constructed and  include positive and negative factors, and that transgression of the norms is a good starting to get at them. Moreover, I want to know if this kind of normative register correspond today to discriminatory measures and to new ways to categorize people. Diseases today include obesity, behaviors considered anomalous, etc. Some posts will be dedicated to the collecting of texts, images, videos, clips from the media and other sources which,  hopefully, will illustrate and, eventually trigger discussions about the experts who dictate those norms, the processes for doing so,  and the way in which all this affects individual lives and social groups

From feminist thought to gay and queer theories

Growing up with a particular feminist involvement affects the way you perceive and participate in LGBT and Queer theories. I know for example, that my situated point of view is different from the one of a person who never experienced or participate in feminist movements or thought. The problems begin when you refuse to choose between them.

I am very interested in knowing if anyone in this blog community has encountered the same problem or has any opinions or suggestions as to how it is possible to get out of this in-between.